Borenore Caves

Fun fact: fifteen minutes from the town of Orange in NSW, there’s a place called Borenore Caves. We went to Orange to check out the food and wine scene, which did not disappoint, but as an added bonus, we saw caves. Big, dark caves with stalactites that resembled prehistoric birds. And the kind of darkness… Continue reading Borenore Caves



This wasn’t this morning. It was Wednesday morning and it was the first morning since the beginning of April that I’d been out for a morning walk. Covid is to blame. I tested positive on the 6th of April and spent the following 7 days in my flat. I haven’t been the same since. It’s… Continue reading Dawn



Gender Bender Bingo, to be precise. Took a little detour on the way home from work on Monday night. Totally worth it. I won a $20 voucher and got to meet Coco Jumbo, isn’t she fabulous! And could I possibly be more black and white?