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I was at 2.7mmol/L when I realised there was something wrong. After five glucose tablets and half an hour of rest, I feel normal again. Confusion is the only symptom I had this time. I’m not sure exactly how this one happened, my best guess is that I somehow doubled up on my dinner dose.… Continue reading Hypo


Winter Weight

I’ve been eating too much. Eating when I’m already full. It’s so silly. I don’t know why I’m doing it. I don’t really enjoy my food and I feel horrible and bloated afterwards. I’m also not exercising enough. There aren’t enough hours of daylight for me to get a walk in after work and I… Continue reading Winter Weight



If I set my alarm for 6am, I’ll have time to meditate. If I set it for 6:15am, I will not have time to meditate. Of course, I may set it for 6am and hit the snooze button, that’s a definite possibility. Wish me luck.



An eventful day but nothing much that warrents talking about. Sometimes the universe will present you with the same karmic lesson in a different person to see if you’ve learned anything or if you’re still dumb as f**k. I stole that last paragraph from somewhere but you’ll be happy to know I’ve definitely learned a… Continue reading *Shrugs*


Nothing Much

What did you do today? Public holiday Monday done right. After spending the last two weekends elsewhere, it was nice to spend a day at home doing nothing much. I did do a lot of eating, I’m not going to lie. There were some correction doses. There was also some Netflix. I wasn’t bored at… Continue reading Nothing Much